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Episode 4 - Faith

So, how does faith in Jesus influence the leader or innovator? How does being a leader or innovator influence your faith? Quotes: Faith  is a lived journey: We're very clear that whatever faith is it is not just a propositional system. Faith is a relationship that we live into with Jesus and that unfolds, and we carry with us in the present and into the future. it's complex: even the idea that is faith something that I hold. Or is it something that holds me. It's just so big. When we talk about going upstream in our conversations it's way before the questions of what do we want. It's already there in the fabric of who we are. I don't have a Buddhist faith or a Hindu faith. I have a Christian faith. It has content and identity and a particular relationship with Jesus that characterize that. My faith is down that next level: Not in propositions about a supreme muffin but in the lived experience of walking with Jesus. We're learning about God

Episode 3 - Innovation

WARNING! Buzzword alert! Yep, innovation  is in danger of becoming a meaningless cliche - if only that meant we could avoid the need for it! Alas, adapting to our changing mission contexts means something like "innovate or perish!" In this episode we try to grasp what it is and what it isn't. Quotes What is the relationship between the community of faith and the conversations of business and how much should we borrow from that world uncritically? The need now is to address novel contexts with novel solutions. And that's where you start to see the need for a concept,t then an activity like innovation. Innovation needs to be defined in terms of the user. It actually takes place in the user's world. The systemic nature of innovation is another important feature - the way that it transforms the host environment. I can't imagine how God's kids who are given the Spirit and made new creations can live in the world and not have an effect on its

Episode 2 - Leadership

What's the "L" stand for? We continue our foundation series in episode 2, discussing leadership, what's good, what's bad and what's the point? We understand Leadership in terms of the conversations that we have, or the conversations that are distinctively taking place, when we reach for the L word. Quotes: Front end conversations are the really fuzzy ones -  the ones where we peer over the edge and everything is without form and void, and we don't know what to do. The first act of leadership is to actually name a situation - to come to a place where we know what it is that we want (lack or desire).  Spreadsheets are a brilliant tool but they're a brilliant tool after there's a hypothesis, after we know what it is you want to get done. Leaders are people who we recognise as knowing how to handle ambiguity and navigate those spaces.  The world we're in is one of tremendous volatility and complexity an

Episode 1 - Conversations

So, what's ConvoLIFE all about? In the first series of the podcast, our hosts will unpack each of the foundational dimensions of their thinking in this arena - conversations, leadership, innovation, faith and entrepreneurship. In Episode 1, David and Dave explain what they mean by "conversations", and why it's important. We understand Leadership in terms of the conversations that we have, or the conversations that are distinctively taking place, when we reach for the L word. Quotes: The Apostle Paul was an advocate of change, who was doing change, and he was doing that because history is going places.  Of course we have to move to action. But to do that in ways that cut off the upstream conversations or devalue them is a pattern of life we've got into that is not serving us well. The moment we start talking about change and facing towards the future we end up with concepts of innovation. And how do you do that well? Well, it takes p