Episode 4 - Faith

So, how does faith in Jesus influence the leader or innovator? How does being a leader or innovator influence your faith?


Faith  is a lived journey: We're very clear that whatever faith is it is not just a propositional system.

Faith is a relationship that we live into with Jesus and that unfolds, and we carry with us in the present and into the future.

it's complex: even the idea that is faith something that I hold. Or is it something that holds me. It's just so big.

When we talk about going upstream in our conversations it's way before the questions of what do we want. It's already there in the fabric of who we are.

I don't have a Buddhist faith or a Hindu faith. I have a Christian faith. It has content and identity and a particular relationship with Jesus that characterize that.

My faith is down that next level: Not in propositions about a supreme muffin but in the lived experience of walking with Jesus.

We're learning about God and our faith and the works of Jesus not through the window of systematized propositions but through the window of an unfolding Judeo Christian history.

In the history of systematic theology emphasis has always been on the propositional in the abstract -  the emphasis now is very much fuelled by historical situation.

Spirituality is now quite comfortably used in in business and seen as a desirable part of the conversation or at least as an inescapable part of the conversation.

Spirituality is now seen as a given. There's more need than ever before for an expansive vocalization of the Christian message and the footprint that it can have in business.

At the front end of conversations we seem to be largely silent or silenced. And then in the detailed world we are driven into moralistic binaries.

Bunkering down and bolting the doors isn't an option: we can't be part of the transformation of the world if we are in a bunker.

It  is a linguistic bunker:  it's the conversations we don't know how to have and the language we don't know how to use that construct the boundaries of thought we can work on.


Ben Myers tweeted the whole Bible

Listen here.


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