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Episode 19 - No Such Thing as a Bad Idea.

The only bad idea is one that is implemented without scrutiny. "But it's my idea! How dare you criticise it!" Heard that before? Then you'll be interested in what David and Dave have to say about how we generate and assess ideas. Listen Here

Episode 18 - The Danger of the CEO's Shower

 "The CEO's shower is the most dangerous place in this company." Dave C actually said that in a meeting of very senior staff at the company he was working at. It certainly got people's attention. The problem was, whenever the CEO had a bright idea (in the shower or elsewhere) he'd share it with someone who heard "This is a well thought out proposal with my support, please make it so." Whether it was the intention of the CEO or not, this culture was at odds with an emerging design culture that was trying to be discipled, rather than reactive, in developing new products and services for customers. Listen here . Find the podcast on  itunes  here .