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Episode 11 - Interview with Dr Grant Bickerton

Dr Grant Bickerton is a counselling psychologist who also has 15 years experience as a missionary in Australia and overseas. Grant’s research expertise concerns the psychological and spiritual variables that reduce work stress and promote well-being among Christian missionaries. He conducts psychological assessments for missionary candidates and personal counselling therapy. He is also familiar in the Middle Eastern and South East Asian culture. Join Dr Grant Bickerton in conversation about building resilience and longevity in ministry. Quotes Coming Soon References Heart and soul: The pressure and privilege of ministry You can read an overview of Grant Bickerton’s research, Wellbeing in Ministry, by visiting Listen here

Episode 10 - The Whiteboard as Holy Instrument of Conversation

Our whiteboard for Episode 6. David and Dave talk about the particular characteristics of a whiteboard make it a vital tool for conversations that hope to lead to innovation. Quotes  Stone tablets are for recording things that don't change. Early over-legitimization of ideas by PowerPoint is completely disastrous in innovation. Text on pieces of paper travels well through space, not time. Whereas rocks travel well through time but not space. The medium that we choose to record our messages has a lot to do with how they function in our societies. Things written on papyrus or on a little piece of clay were really basic to trading in the ancient world -you could take them with you as a promissory note. Jesus leant over and drew in the sand. I have no idea what he wrote or sketched but the interesting thing is the symbolic impermanence (despite this being the finger of God), and giving time to somebody else. These are all suitable ways for God to choose to speak.

Episode 9 - Overcoming Change Resistance

When it comes to moving into the build space, the challenges of implementing change come to the fore - and potentially, the forces of resistance move into gear for some rear-guard action. David and Dave discuss types of Change Resistance, and how to overcome them. Quotes "We can't end up in a place of mediocrity because we do change badly." References Hidden Figures  (2016) Listen Here . Find the podcast on  itunes  here.