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David Jones

David has walked a chequered path in life dabbling in many different forms of enterprise just sufficiently to be confident that he will not retire comfortably. He was never quite certain why that was the journey until it became clear in retrospect that he had participated in just about every form of conversation necessary to human enterprise. That felt experience was a great resource when combined with a passion for patterning that began as a toddler with his mother’s button tin - it resulted in the “Requisite Conversation framework”.

David has been driven by the same question for about 30 years now: if we know what it means to be unjust to a manual worker (e.g. sending them home with a crushed body) then what does it mean to be unjust to a knowledge worker?

David met Dave Cornford sitting in a corner with his very own panic button, telling the truth about the probabilities of a design project succeeding in a financial institution. Thus began some fruitful conversations that continue to today.

Dave Cornford

With a background in heavy duty number skills, Dave worked as an actuary in the financial services industry for a decade before moving into marketing and customer strategy roles. In this later arena he developed a range of interests in design and the possibility of change, and did indeed possess a resident panic button.

Dave explored the theory "that everybody has at least one book in them," and found a few more than one lurking beneath. Two novels, a novella series and a collection of cricket humour books emerged over a period of dedicated writing from 2011. (See more at www.davecornford.com)

While failing to ever score a century at cricket, he has been writer/director for over 100 performances of a "Passion Play," the most recent version of which has been performed on the streets of Sydney under the sponsorship of Wesley Mission.

Dave has spent six years leading major transformation projects for the NSW/ACT Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia, and is moving into a new season of project work.

Dismantle the Sky

ConvoLIFE's theme music is a track called Phosphenes, from Dismantle the Sky's first album, creation | destruction. Find out more about DtS's music and other albums at www.dismantlethesky.com.


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