Episode 3 - Innovation

WARNING! Buzzword alert!

Yep, innovation is in danger of becoming a meaningless cliche - if only that meant we could avoid the need for it!

Alas, adapting to our changing mission contexts means something like "innovate or perish!" In this episode we try to grasp what it is and what it isn't.


What is the relationship between the community of faith and the conversations of business and how much should we borrow from that world uncritically?

The need now is to address novel contexts with novel solutions. And that's where you start to see the need for a concept,t then an activity like innovation.

Innovation needs to be defined in terms of the user. It actually takes place in the user's world.

The systemic nature of innovation is another important feature - the way that it transforms the host environment.

I can't imagine how God's kids who are given the Spirit and made new creations can live in the world and not have an effect on its being different.

The next change will be different to the last change, because we're in a different place. But we're still about God's purposes is to bring justice and reconciliation to the world.

How do we know when innovation is occurring, rather than what is innovation - ask yourself that in the context of your faith community.

Listen here.



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