Episode 1 - Conversations

So, what's ConvoLIFE all about?

In the first series of the podcast, our hosts will unpack each of the foundational dimensions of their thinking in this arena - conversations, leadership, innovation, faith and entrepreneurship.

In Episode 1, David and Dave explain what they mean by "conversations", and why it's important.

We understand Leadership in terms of the conversations that we have, or the conversations that are distinctively taking place, when we reach for the L word.

The Apostle Paul was an advocate of change, who was doing change, and he was doing that because history is going places. 

Of course we have to move to action. But to do that in ways that cut off the upstream conversations or devalue them is a pattern of life we've got into that is not serving us well.
The moment we start talking about change and facing towards the future we end up with concepts of innovation. And how do you do that well? Well, it takes place in conversation.

The Spirit hovered over the face of the deep and everything was without form and void: this wasn't rework or warming something over.

We would do well as believers to wonder about the resources that we have - our safety in relating to the King of the world, that we can bring to really ambiguous and dark spaces.

We can go to those places where there is novelty with resources that others don't have so readily at hand, and we can start completely new conversations.

Entrepreneurs take new messages all the way to the marketplace; faith is a transformative framework for those conversations - our heritage as sons and daughters of us speaking God. 

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Philip Edgcumbe Hughes True Image: Christ as the Origin and Destiny of Man https://www.amazon.com/True-Image-Christ-Origin-Destiny/dp/0802803148

I (DJ) was informed that it was George Bush (the elder), at the end of his 100 days as new President of the United States, who declared proudly: “I am a practical man. I don’t deal in airy abstractions”.  I have not been able to verify that quote.

Edwin Judge’s points are covered in Piggin, Stuart Power and Religion in a Modern State: Desecularisation in Australian Politics. 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences Amsterdam, 22-28 August, 2010


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