Episode 5 - Entrepreneurship

Yes, please, sir, I want to be one!

But what does it mean to be an entrepreneur, and what does it take to be one? David and Dave explore this in the general sense and then as it does (or doesn't) apply to church planters in the episode.


An entrepreneur is someone who can recognise, grow skilled at and push along the conversations that make new meanings and new market places for those meanings.

[Unfortunately)] What is in the Build space of conversations comes to characterize what entrepreneurs are, followed by the rapid accretion of wealth.

If we're close to talking about that set of activities in an economy that create new value then we're close to talking about what drives economics and what is fundamental to the prosperity of a society.

Most attempts at a one line definition of entrepreneurship are fraught and very hard to distinguish from other activities in society.

A small business owner isn't necessarily an entrepreneur, but I can't understand how you could be a successful entrepreneur and not go through a small business phase.

I don't think that opening another coffee shop is actually a very helpful way of understanding the word entrepreneur.

If you Google your idea or look it up in iTunes and there's already six little apps that will do that thing then you're probably not an entrepreneur even though you're doing something digital.

Ideas were cheap, but cracking all of the problems and keeping going through the adversity from a business point of view, and persistence and flexibility and the vision to keep going was the thing  that created the most value.

We're so close to talking about the economic machinery of nations with this capacity to create something new and bring it to the marketplace.

A definition that might help markets to know what to do with governments doesn't help you the entrepreneur to know what to do.

Our definition of entrepreneurship is actually going to help you do entrepreneuring  - a way of naming it that's going to help you make something, because you need a toolkit that fits.

An entrepreneur is somebody who can create a new meaning and deliver it into the marketplace, and knows how to navigate all the conversations that make up that journey.

Distinct conversational competencies need to be strung together  in order to make the journey from a twinkle in your eye about a new meaning and possibility through to where that's actually functioning in the user's world.

Paul's succeeded in making something new in the marketplace and bringing it to life.

Understanding these transitions as conversations that I can participate in or that I know how to hold means that being an entrepreneur is a place where you can image God in your creative potential.

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