What do we mean by Faith?

That’s a strange question. Because we presume you are not asking about the intrapsychic or sociological phenomenon in humans that goes by that title. We presume you’re asking rather in what order in whom do we put our faith?
The answer is both profoundly simple:
“But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…” John1:12 (ESV)
and as endlessly complicated and hair splitting as you could want any conversation in the universe to be (Google “Christianity” and get 122,000,000 results  in 0.90 seconds) .
So I guess were not going to try and answer that in the abstract. You’ll have to discover who we are in a sense even as we do so ourselves. 
"We say that we ‘conduct’ a conversation, but the more genuine a conversation is, the less its conduct lies within the will of either partner. Thus, a genuine conversation is never the one that we wanted to conduct. Rather, it is generally more correct to say that we fall into conversation, or even that we become involved in it. The way one word follows another, with the conversation taking its own twists and reaching its own conclusion, may well be conducted in some way, but the partners conversing are far less the leaders of it than the led. No one knows in advance what will ‘come out’ of a conversation. Understanding or its failure is like an event that happens to us. Thus we can say that something was a good conversation or something was ill-fated. All this shows that a conversation has a spirit of its own,…that it allows something to ‘emerge’ which henceforth exists."  Hans Georg Gadamer

We will bring to these conversations all that we are – for better or for worse. And you will to be the judges of which bits are which! Is it to our credit or not that we have more than 60 years of active, heartfelt involvement in Australian Christian communities? Or that we wouldn’t mind saying the apostles creed one more time, though we wouldn’t mind finding another way of telling the Truth timelessly, either. Perhaps its on the down side that we can’t help being other than two older guys who have lived their lives immersed in white male privilege.  (We seriously hope that doesn’t leak out. If it does, we want you to call us out and help us change – and forgive us). 
But all those things go in to our relationship with Jesus (for better and for worse), and all will be present in our conversations with you.


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